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rotten floor under pation door

Hi, we have a patio door leading to a deck and the floor in the house is rotten. It seems that the flashing on the bottom of the door on the outside is missing. We have owned the home for 2 yrs now so this has had time to get bad. The florin the kitchen is spongy very close to the door and I am wondering how best to tackle this problem. My thoughts are that the door has to come out and the bad portion of the floor cut out even under the sill and a new small piece put in and supported in the crawl space - with joist sort of setup to hold the new plywood. I do some home improvement but this may be a bit out of my league. Can you give me the proper advice on how to fix this as best as possible with the info given, we will have to decide weather we can tackle this or not.
We are in Carleton Place Ontario Canada.

Bill :confused:

Blue RidgeParkway
Re: rotten floor under pation door

jkirk whats yr thoughts on joist size blocking between the joists next to new rim joist piece especially at the splices and all along new piece and about putting hangers up? we looking at similar for a regular door and the joists got some split chunks from old nails and age. good idea or bad?

Blue RidgeParkway
Re: rotten floor under pation door

much thanks for the input jkirk. I should have mentioned also splicing the plate, but got the info I needed. apology to the OP if took your post off topic but it might apply to you to.:)

Re: rotten floor under pation door
jkirk wrote:

it sounds like youve got a good grasp on the process to do it

first remove the door and remove the siding below the door, then cut back the plywood to expose the joists. i would temp support the joists from below before cutting out the rim joist. when you go to cut out the rim i would cut back about 12" beyond where the rot ends just to be safe, then replace the rim, close the floor back in. before installing the door reinstall the house wrap and flashing + siding, from there put the door in

right before setting the door dont forget to run a double bead of caulk on the floor where the door sil is and 6" up the jack stud on each side

Thanks all for your advice. I am but a bit surprised that the process I mentioned was that close to correct. There should be a thanks button on this site to thank the people like you who help out.

Thanks again.


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