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Roots in Tub Drain

Greetings -

My son complained that his basement shower was not draining.  I ran my snake through the overflow, and pretty deep into the pipe, I was able to break up the blockage, which turned out to be roots.  The tub drains well now.  

Consulted my plumber, who suggested I use root killer as a precaution, but all of  the products say not to use in bathtub drains.  I used the product "Foaming Root Killer" in his toilet, but the toilet was not having problems.

I am wondering if I used a car transmission funnel or some other funnel to put the root killer down the overflow, replace the tub lever, run the correct amount of water through the drain, then close it, if this would be a safe procedure, and would help kill the roots.

Thank you for any help!


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