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Roots through out my sewer, even under my basement

I hope someone can offer some advice.

I have just purchased a new home and have found my sewer line is filled with roots. I have a downstairs (basement) bath (shower, toilet, and sink) that are almost blocked. Essentially it's good for one flush, and then everything comes to a hault.

A plumber who worked on clearing the drain (just prior to close) found the pipe full of roots and he did his best to rotor root it. Yes I now have a lawyer involved. But lord only knows if I'll ever get anywhere with that.

So the first thing I have done is hired my on plumber to put a camera down the clean out on the stack. He found numerous roots and a blockage that he could not get his camera through not far from the stack, under my laundry room floor, and just before the floor drain.

So he went to the clean out on the other side of my house to see if he could get the camera down there and come back to the other side of the blockage. As soon as he took the cap off, he saw roots, and decided that he could not even put his camera in.

Fortunately, my plumbing continues to flow, but for how much longer I do not know. This plumber advised me to replace the entire line. That would be 30' of trench under my basement floor and then perhaps 50' to the street. I have not yet seen the estimate for this, but it is going to be a lot.

Now for the advice :-) I have heard of a process called "pipe lining" (I think) where the root out your sewer and then they coat the inside of your pipe with something that keeps the roots from coming back. But I can't seem to find out much about this, and I'm suspicious that it would work.

Then, what about rotor rooting it all out and applying root x to it. There is a local company that claims to have great success so long as they apply the root x immediately after they cut out the roots. Of course I know this will not be permanent. But I figure that if I did this every year for the 20 years, it would still be cheaper than replacing the entire line.

Then there is all sorts of talk about rock salt being able to kill roots or copper sulfate.

Oh and finally, there is some new process where they dig holes on either end of your line and then they burst the existing pipe and pull in a new line in its place without trenching.

I going to try and get an estimate for that later this week.

I suppose what I'm really hoping to hear is form folks who have had experience with root x or with relining their sewer lines.



Re: Roots through out my sewer, even under my basement

Or you can take down the tree.

Re: Roots through out my sewer, even under my basement
canuk wrote:

Or you can take down the tree.

Well that would be three trees, and there on my neighbors property.

Oh and I'm told that the roots will continue to try and grow for some years after the trees have been removed.


Re: Roots through out my sewer, even under my basement

Hi Bear,
Your question was perfectly well worded, as these are exactly the things I have come across with my tree-clogged sewer problem, which is what led me here.

Did you ever get an answer? Did you ever make a decision about what you will do?

Re: Roots through out my sewer, even under my basement

I live with roots in my waste line as well. In the last 7 years we've seen the lines dug up in 2 of the houses we rented.

Here we have the line cleaned out every 18 months, until we can replace the line.

We plan on investing in the root x or root killer in the next year to try it out and see if it will save me some money. I spent $147.50 for the latest clean out.

Re: Roots through out my sewer, even under my basement

If you have roots in you sewer then your house is deffinitely not new. You can nurse it along with all those products and periodic sewer machine jobs until you get ready to sell and pass the problem on to someone else. Which is probably how you ended up with it:mad: . Best thing to do is to excavate andreplace the old sewer with modern materials like PVC and just give your neighbor $100 per foot worth of dirty looks.:( The only good news is that to my experience is If your excavation kills your neighbors tree then that is his problem.

Re: Roots through out my sewer, even under my basement

That pipelining mess is an epoxy deal and you could get messed up quick and its only for small sections. Totally NOT cost effective for an entire sewer. I have several friends and customers with no more problem. Now the most recent one I gave away at a shame fully low price and a great risk to my person but you can count on about my afforementioned multiplier excluding the concrete patching and irrigation damage the deeper it goes trench wise the $$$$$$:eek: starts to hemorage. And the plumbers eyes light up. Smiles get bigger :D alot more yessir nosir wee'lldowhatwecansir and the best part is the hole in your yard ooooooo son every foot deeper than 4and 1/2 feet is 1 foot left and right of the trench, because trench saftey is paramount:o sorry.

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