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Root invasion

I have tree roots (ficus) in my sewer line. I have had a plumber come out and use his camera to determine this. He services the line every 6 months or so but I am looking for a more permanant solution. First I am removing the trees that are causing the invasion. I would like to know though if anyone knows if when i remove the trees and the roots subsequently die, will the root that is theoreticlly plugging the hole in my sewer line cause a leak in the sewer line? If so, how hard is it to have the plumber repair the sewer line? Please advise.

Re: Root invasion

1)when you have a plumber cut out the roots in your sewer system you are giving the roots a hair cut. they will grow back in time.
2) trees do not break sewer systems rather they find that nutrient rich water is leaking out of your sewer system and react to it , these roots will grow inside your pipe.
3) there are three solutions A) continue to give the roots a hair cut every 6 months
B) install a liner inside your sewer system to block any leakage.
C) dig up your sewer line and redo


Steve M
Re: Root invasion
Steve M

Simply cutting down a tree does not always fix the problem, tree roots can continue to grow for up to five years after the tree has been cut. A permanent solution would be to do a dig up and replace the part of the lateral that is leaking, but there are products like RootX that is a foaming agent that can be dumped down into the cleanout of your lateral to help kill off intruding tree roots.

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