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Roof washer - Cistern for household water

I have the pleasure of having a nearly 800 foot dry well so have set up a cistern system. I pre-filter water thru a stainless steel filter box with a washable furnace filter. The filter still allows too much foreign matter in the tank. Adding gutter helmets has helped some but I need to add a roof washer that throws away the first however many gallons of water with most of foreign material. One was shown on recent This Old House Hour but I can't find info on website. It looked to be made from PVC. I need a source to purchase or plans on how to build.

Re: Roof washer - Cistern for household water

I would think running it through a sand bed would be much more effective.

Re: Roof washer - Cistern for household water

Why do you think a sand bed would be more effective? Have you tried it? I would also like to know more details about that.

C Ed Wright
Re: Roof washer - Cistern for household water

A sand bed would be like a sand filter as used with swimming pools.

I had the thought that a settling tank like that used with septic systems might work to separate the junk from the water. Not necessarily a huge concrete tank, just something with that general design. You could probably cobble one up using an empty soap drum from a car wash. Then filter the water through sand.

BTW, when you become disappointed/dissillusioned with your Gutter Helmet system the one you need is Waterloov: http://www.clogfreegutter.com/ You'll get far less junk and zero overshoot. It's the only system that actually works as advertized all 4 seasons. Sorry about that. Gutter guards are another racket, they're all overpriced, but if you're going to pay too much you damn well want your money's worth, i.e. one that actually odes its job properly.

You didn't mention your use for your cistern. Irrigation or potable? Depending on depending on, you might need some sort of purification treatment.

Re: Roof washer - Cistern for household water

sand would be too slow.

this website shows a good example of one. http://ersson.sustainabilitylane.com/rainwatr.htm

Re: Roof washer - Cistern for household water

Very interesting article and it points out some of the problems encountered with weather. However I have to disagree about a sand filter being to slow. One village I lived in used a sand filter for the water system for the village with a population of about 1700. They are easy to construct cheap to operate. Only needing to be back washed periodically or have the sand replaced. The villages filter was just a concrete tank filled with clean sand with an inlet on top and the drain off at the bottom.

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