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roof vs side wall bathroom vent

I'm having some work done on my house and am wondering if it's better to put the exhaust vent from a bathroom through the roof or the side wall of the house. I live in Mass., where the winters are pretty extreme and feel like a roof vent would not be a good idea because of snow. The bathroom vent is about between 1 and 2 feet from the exterior wall.
Thanks in advance for the advice.

Re: roof vs side wall bathroom vent

If snow or ice can block the vent from working, then a side wall vent is in order. Just keep the birds out in the warmer months.

A. Spruce
Re: roof vs side wall bathroom vent

Both have their issues in colder climates such as yours.

Through the roof can be buried in snow or they can ice up and back-drain into the bathroom. Through the wall eliminates those issues, but can cause mold and moisture problems in the attic if the bathroom vent is near eave vents.

With a few precautions, either method will suffice, though I'd probably go through the wall rather than the roof in your situation.

Re: roof vs side wall bathroom vent

Through the wall is the best in my opinion. I've seen too many issues with roof exhaust vents.

Re: roof vs side wall bathroom vent

I went through the side wall as I don't like screwing around with the roof. Plus my side wall was only 3.5 feet from the fan.

Re: roof vs side wall bathroom vent

The main things to consider is to make sure the sidewall vent dose not cause condensation to drop on your walkway, or the warm moist air is not fed back up through the sofit vents.


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