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Roof Problems

I have a new house with black architectural asphalt shingles for my roof. When the painter sprayed the house it was semi windy and there is over spray (light colored) on the front side of my roof. I have no recourse with the roofer. He is no longer in business. Any suggestions on how to get the over spray off or what to do besides replace the roof? Thanks

Re: Roof Problems

Your choices are;

1- Paint with black paint on a windy day

2- Ignore it until the sun takes care of it

3- Re-roof

After that I'm out of ideas.

Re: Roof Problems

Over spray is the #1 reason why I use brushes and rollers.

#2 is breathing the over spray.

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Re: Roof Problems

you don't have to replace the roof, just the shingles that have paint on them. the black spray paint is a good idea too, any paint on the shingles will eventually disappear in a few years.

Re: Roof Problems

I would go to your local Big box store and ask what type of paint. The only problem is will the paint flake off over time? You might ask about some type of liquid rubber, or asphalt that's black and do a light coating.

Re: Roof Problems

I'd go with the black paint option, probably the easiest, quickest and cheapest solution. Over time the paint should wear off from all the them

Re: Roof Problems

The painter is responsible for his mistake in not protecting from overspray- they should pay for a new roof wherever the overspray affected yours. That may be doing an entire area if they can't get an exact match on the shingles (different lot numbers and colors). I personally wouldn't settle for less- new is not the same as cleaned or repaired and you have new. I'm pretty easy to get along with though, and if it wasn't too bad I'd live with it till the weather cleared the problem up. That call is yours alone to make but if nothing else I'd want some relief in the form of $$$ for the damage even with the roof left as-is.

I do not spray outdoors any more unless the conditions are perfect. I had to have a car buffed out several years ago because the wind shifted to the wrong direction for a few seconds just once- it took the profit out of my small job. It also cost the painter my brother first worked for everything he had- his overspray landed on a lot full of new Caddilacs which the dealer insisted had to be redone at the factory so they could still be sold as brand new cars :eek: I've gotten to the point where I only spray interior ceilings and those only where I can protect everything else involved adequately without a lot of effort.


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