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Roof over patio slab

I am trying to get some basic technical ideas about the best types of roof structures to add over a patio slab directly outside the back door of my home.

The roof of the house just above the door has a gabled over hang. I was trying to find out if there are more advantadges to having a matching gable patio roof or a hip roof.

I am also trying to see if there might be problems when the roof is attached to the house or, if it would be better to not attach the roof to the house.

Re: Roof over patio slab

In areas of the country subject to deep freezing, attaching a house roof structure to a floating slab would be illegal. It would have to have a full foundation under the perimeter of the slab down to below frost level.

Re: Roof over patio slab

What you are thinking requires a permit. That means, following your local codes.

Who can give the most direct and accurate answers? your local building department can.

As far as gable roof or others, that's entirely up to you.

Re: Roof over patio slab

I agree with dj; there are over 30 videos on You Tube that illustrate the various ways this project can be done---study & review ALL OF THEM---and watch each one of them several times; also consult books at the library on this project and come up with a design that will work for you so that you can draw a plan on how to best proceed.

Google youtube video roof over patio slab

Also drive around your neighborhood & check out how others have done this.

I believe all of the plans listed on You Tube involve tying the new patio roof into the house either at the house roof or the wall siding---this would have to be done to prevent rain/ snow/water from entering the junction between the house & new patio roof.

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