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Roof damage from hail?

May 28 we had a wicked hail storm that shredded our gardens, dented cars, broke plate glass windows, and now I'm hearing that roof damage needs to be checked out. I have contacted my insurance company apropos, but the deductible is $500 roof ( $250 for car dents). I'm already in hock for a probably $500 deductible for damage to my new kitchen floor from a leaking dishwasher. So, I guess right about now I'd like to know just how likely it is I'll have to replace the roof yet. I did notice when I went out onto a flattish porch roof to clean the gutter, that there was roof-shingle-like grit in the gutter, along with bits of plastic from the upper roof gutter being hit. I seem to be on a bad roll here.

So do I need to follow up on the roof which is only 8 years old, having been replaced after a wind storm blew off a third of it? The ads in the paper make delay or inaction sound pretty frightening Sure glad I don't live in an area with violent weather!

Re: Roof damage from hail?

The roof gravel in the gutters is not an indication of a problem. It is almost always there. You should have the roof inspected for damage. Chances are good, if the roof was properly installed, that there is no damage with a roof that new. I would suggest you call for a second opinion if the first says there is damage.


A. Spruce
Re: Roof damage from hail?


Just because there are warnings to have your roof checked, doesn't mean you have any damage, but to be certain, you need to have it inspected and get it repaired, if necessary, as soon as possible. Trust me, the cost of inspection and repairing the roof is quite small in comparison to damage done by a leaking roof.

Re: Roof damage from hail?

Be sure it is a reputable company and get more than one opinion/estimate if they say there is damage that needs repairing. You will probably have to pay for an inspection.
The granuals from the roof collecting in the gutters is normal. The hail probably dislodged a few more than normal, but that happens anyway.

Re: Roof damage from hail?

Usually insurance companies replace every roof in the neighborhood when there is hail damage and will not continue to insure if the HO just takes the check and doesn't fix the roof.

Re: Roof damage from hail?

I agree with all of the above. You are the one who has to protect your home from natural disasters, by inspecting or have it inspected, navigate through insurance and contractors, hire people or do it yourself.

If you don't do it, who will?

This is home ownership, for the good and for the bad. You have alternatives if it's too much for you to handle (like renting). Just don't ignore trouble signs, because little troubles which go unchecked become big troubles.

Re: Roof damage from hail?

Sadly, most roofers will say there is hail damage just to get the job. For a honest opinion ask your local insurance agent to recommend someone, explaining that you don't want a replacement if it's not really needed but you want to be sure. They probably know who the crooks are so can hopefully steer you in the right direction. I've seen hundreds of perfectly good roofs replaced for hail damage without need, and it's gotten so bad that some insurance companies will not cover it until their own inspectors can verify it in person.

Generally if all the shingles are intact, not torn, and are laying down flat, there are no dents or holes in them, and the surface pebbles are not completely gone from any spots revealing the substrate you will be OK. If you have a metal ridge vent it will be well battered with a damaging hail, if it is barely dented then it likely wasn't bad enough to damage a roof that didn't already need to be replaced.


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