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How is the area of the roof that butts to fascia covered with aluminum with a roof over that to be addressed? Flashed?

Re: roof

I read you question twice and still don't know what you're asking.

Different areas have different codes regarding this subject.

Re: roof

I can't figure out your post either-----------can you post a photo, or explain what you have?

Re: roof

I'm just joining the conversation - as I'm about to re-shingle my 20+ year old roof. I plan to shingle over the existing roof, not remove the single layer of existing shingles. Any tips I should know about? I will purchase 30-year architectural shingles and rent a nailer from Home Depot. I have a very shallow pitch, and 1800SF. Any advice?

Re: roof

:confused:your question is hard to understand. Try several sentences so we can figure out what you need.:confused:

Re: roof RoyB

I have been told that to many layers of shingles can actually hurt your roof. BE carefull:)

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