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Romex Clip?

Hello all,

New to the board. I am getting ready to buy my first house. It is a foreclosure, so the city has a re-occupation list of things that must be completed before they provide a certificate of occupancy. One of the things that is on the list is for me to put a "romex clip" on the garbage disposal. Can anyone tell me what this is and what it looks like? I've been through both Home Depot and Lowe's and no one seems to know what it is. It's really annoying to think that something that probably costs 10 cents will keep me from moving in.



Re: Romex Clip?

Perhaps they are referring to a cable clamp is missing on the body of the disposal.
The point where the electrical wire enters for connecting.

Here's an example : http://www.yourdirectcurrent.com/product.asp_Q_promoid_E_6_A_parentID_E_321_A_subCatID_E_617_A_prodID_E_3129

A. Spruce
Re: Romex Clip?

I suspect that canuk is right. The clamp is to secure the cord so that it can't be pulled or yanked loose within the disposal. They are easy to install, however the metal screw in type as shown will require that the pigtail be disconnected from the disposal to install the clamp, the reconnect the wires. An easier clamp would be a plastic insert type which fits around the wire and is then inserted into the hole. I couldn't find an image to post here to show you, however they're very similar to a grommet, but have ears within it to prevent the cable from being pulled. There are several different styles of the plastic type and you'll find them in the electrical aisle with the rest of the electrical hardware.

Re: Romex Clip?

Thanks for the replies. Unfortunately, getting a hold of the city has been impossible. Every time, I've called, they say I have to go to city hall at some ridiculous hour in order to speak to the inspector in person. When you work the late shift, it's pretty tough to do. The one morning I was actually able to do it, the inspector was on vacation. It's worse than the cable guy. Thanks again guys!:)

A. Spruce
Re: Romex Clip?
robear00 wrote:

Thanks for the replies. Unfortunately, getting a hold of the city has been impossible.

I wouldn't worry too much about it, it's quite likely that as long as there's is some sort of clamping device on the cord and attaching it to the disposal, the inspector isn't going to complain too much. The most common clamp I've seen and used is the threaded metal one as earlier suggested. Just make sure you unplug or turn of the breaker feeding the disposal circuit before attempting to work on it. :)

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