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Rogue Smoke Alarm

Hi all. Forgive me if this is in the wrong location, since the smoke alarm is hard wired in, I am hoping I can receive an answer here.

Our house is just 2 years old. Our builders put smoke alarms in every room according to code. There is one alarm near the kitchen that gives us a lot of trouble.  Every 2-4 months, this thing beeps "low battery" I take out the batteries and test them, to find they are new. I put them back in and the alarm goes silent for another couple of months. When I spoke to the builders, they replaced the alarm with a new one, but it didn't stop this issue. I did contact Kidde who's only suggestion was to "hit the test/reset button and that should stop it." The smoke alarm cycles through it's warnings, then falls silent for about 5 minutes. You have to physically get up, remvoe the batteries, replace the batteries and then cycle it through the alarm again to make it stop.  This is a huge problem because, as with most smoke alarms, it sounds at 2am. I have to wake up the entire house or go outside in the cold and snow to cut the power, remove the battery and deal with the entire house sounding the alarm when everyone is awake. I don't know if there is an electricial issue that is causing the alarm to sound, I'm not sure if it's just another bad alarm. It is getting really tiring. Does anyone have suggestions as our builders won't do anything more. 

The alarm is a Kidde Smoke/carbon monoxide alarm it is hard wired with double A battery back up. It has a voice to it so it will say "Fire" or "Carbon Monoxide warning" When one alarm sounds, they all sound (however, when 1 has a low battery it's just that 1 that sounds). After replacing batteries, you must hit the test button which sounds every single alarm, in order for the low battery warning to stop. 

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