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Rocking toilet

I have a toilet that rocks (wobbles) when I sit on it. According to one plumber it's because the floor is uneven.

1) One plumber recommended I use grout to set the toilet onto the floor so it will no longer rock.

2) Another plumber recommended I use plastic shims and caulk around the base of the toilet so it will no longer rock.

What do other people think? Does it make sense to grout or should I go with caulk? Which method is better? If I go with grout, how would I ever get the toilet off the floor (eventually I assume all toilets need to be replaced)?

Confusedly yours

A. Spruce
Re: Rocking toilet

Dear Confused:

In all my years in the industry, I've never heard of grout setting a toilet. Go with the plastic toilet shims, found in the plumbing/toilet aisle of your local hardware store. While you're there, pick up a new wax ring and hold down bolts.

Often times the hold down bolts can't be reused because of bad or rusty threads, that's the reason for the new bolts. Turn off the water supply and disconnect the line. If the toilet has been rocking, then the seal is most likely compromised. The toilet must be pulled, clean the base and the flange on the floor of the old ring and any slime, dirt, debris. Install the new bolts, install the new wax ring and reset the toilet. Gently wiggle the toilet back into place, when you've got it firmly on the floor, install the shims around the perimeter as necessary, particularly at the hold down bolts. The shims can be trimmed so that they are flush with the sides of the toilet base. Tighten the hold down bolts finger tight then about 1/2 to one turn with a wrench. Reconnect the water supply and test for leaks. In a few days, recheck the tightness of the hold down bolts. Caulking around the base of the toilet is up to you, personally, I like to leave it open so that if there is a leak, it will show itself before major damage can occur.

Re: Rocking toilet

Like Spruce, I've never heard of grout being used to solve a rocking toilet problem either. I would definitely go with the shims. They can be trimmed then caulk (I would use a mold and mildew resistant silicone) the gap just to improve the appearance, as the shims will leave a sizable gap between floor and toilet base.
You may also want to check the flange to make sure that it is not damaged where the bolts are located due to over tightening. That could be the cause of the rocking as well. If the flange is damaged, they make repair kits that you place over the flange and screw or tapcon into the floor. The toilet bolts then have a firm slot to fit in so the toilet can be secured tightly to the floor.

Re: Rocking toilet

In my house, I had a similar problem. I checked the floor and the flange; everything was as it should be. But the toilet itself had an uneven base; I just used shims & caulk to stabilize it.

Re: Rocking toilet

I have had the same problem; my fix was using the plastic washers to shim the toliet by the bolts; ever since, no rocking! BTW, I did not use any type of caulk or grout around the toliet, I want to know before I have major problems!

Re: Rocking toilet

Seems like some great advice to me......... Although, You might want to place a sign on the outside of the bathroom door until it is fixed.

"Don't come-a-knock'n if you hear the toilet-a-rock'n"

Re: Rocking toilet

Thank you everyone for your feedback. I'm glad I didn't listen to the person who suggested grout. He was really mad too when I said I believe plastic shims is a better idea. I don't know why he took my response so personally.

Anyhow, thank you again.

Less confused

Re: Rocking toilet

I never heard of grout setting a toilet. I think you shlould use plastic shims and caulk around the base of the toilet. It is better option for you.

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