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Rock Garden Border

We have an 18" border around our concrete patio. This border slopes down all around the patio and to complicate matters, we have a new puppy. Rather than put in small shrubs or flowers that the puppy would dig, I'm considering a small rock garden border aroung much of the patio. We'd be using rocks in the smallish to small medium range and rock garden flowers interspersed that tolerate a lot of sun. Anyone have any experience, confused suggestions or concerns about this idea?

Re: Rock Garden Border

Good choice!!! I suggest larger rocks though from my experience.
Smaller rocks tend to get tracked out of the rock area. Larger rocks are easier to pick up. Put a barrier down to keep the weeds from growing up through the rocks.

Re: Rock Garden Border

And good luck keeping the puppy out of your garden . You'll see .:D

Re: Rock Garden Border

Yeah, I'm a little nervous about our puppy as well. But rocks with plants down inside seems a easier way to control our little darling. We'll see. Thanks for the suggestion to put a barrier down, Ravens. Any suggestions for plant types among the rocks?

Re: Rock Garden Border

day lilies, and succulents can tolerate a lot of abuse. I have something worse than puppies in my very dry full sun bed 5 digging kids ages 3-7.

Be sure to use an edging to contain the rocks.

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