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Rising Nails in Hardwood Floor

Our hardwood floors are really old (might even be 1963 original?), and several individual nails (~4) have started to work themselves up past the surface. This tends to be in high-traffic areas where I suspect each individual step serves to work it up another notch.

For the last year, I've simply kept a hammer nearby the main spot where this happened. Every couple days, I'd just bang them back down - problem solved! Lately, however, more and more spots are starting to do this - all over the downstairs. It's putting holes in the bottom of all our socks!

Anybody have any advice for gluing these back down for good, or another approach?

Re: Rising Nails in Hardwood Floor

Keep the hammer handy, along with some new ring shanked nails. When the old nails pop up, pull it out with the hammer, and replace it with a ring shanked flooring nail.

By the way 1963 isn't really old (cause that would make me really old) especially in the Philly area where homes from the 1700's are not uncommon. My home in Bucks County was from 1883, and the neighbors called it 'the new one'

Re: Rising Nails in Hardwood Floor

I would also like to add use a slightly larger diameter nail shank from the nails you replace, this will increase the friction between the material and shank and hold tighter. And you may want to set them with a final blow with a nail punch.

Yeah, 63 is not old for a quality wood floor.

Re: Rising Nails in Hardwood Floor

Thank you both for the help!

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