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Riding Lawn Mower

Can you please tell me the best way to remove the blades on a riding lawn mower for sharpening? Thxs!!!!!!

Re: Riding Lawn Mower

Drive it up on a set of ramps and work from beneath, or get used to pulling the deck for sharpening. I used to cut grass at an estate (14 acres of turf!) and had to pull a 60" Kubota deck weekly to grind the 3/8" thick steel blades. The deck was 200 lbs. It was nice to be young!
The lightweight residential "tin can" grade of decks come off with a few hairpin clips and aren't that unwieldy. I think you'll enjoy the job that way instead of struggling to work from underneath.
The Snapper riders conveniently flip onto the rear to access the blade, FWIW.

Re: Riding Lawn Mower

Thank you...I think we will try the ramp first! We live in the suburbs now but moved from NYC so I sing the "Green Acres" song everytime we're out there...

Re: Riding Lawn Mower

Wear some decent leather gloves. You may have to scrape off the bolt head to get the wrench on. Some liquid Wrench or other penetrationg oil might help. Let it set a while after applying. I dab a little Never-Seize on the bolt so it doesn't corrode & comes off fairly easily. A little oil works too. Sharpen & balance it at least 3 or 4 time a season.

Re: Riding Lawn Mower

hi, I made a wooden block that locked onto the blades that wedged into the outlet so the blades wouldnt spin, I also found heavy duty mulcher blades that fit that seemed to last longer as well

Re: Riding Lawn Mower

I slip a 2" PVC pipe over the blade so I can hold onto it to keep it from turning while I loosen the bolt.

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