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Cole R
Rheostat / Potentiometer for a Whole House Fan?

All right, this one has me stumped, I installed a Whole house fan in my hall way up stairs, and it came with a controlling switch, (off, hi, low). now the motor.. it has 3 wires coming off of it (white "common", black "HI" and Black "Low").

this means I need 3 wires going to the motor (white, black, black), I would like to only use 2 wires.

so this brings me back to the switch.

the diagram shows the white wire to by pass the switch (expected). it also shows the black (hot) to connect to the "in" for the switch (expected). Now the "out" for the switch has 2 black wires that connect to the 2 from the motor (not expected).

Can I replaces the switch and install a rheostat / potentiometer on only the "HI" black input to the motor? and not use the "LOW" black input line to the motor?

if so, what kind of rheostat / potentiometer should I get? I don't know amps, ohms or volt stuff.

I have heard that if I use the wrong rheostat / potentiometer I could ruin the motor, something I don't want to do.

i have attached a pic of the way it is, and the way i want it to be.

Cole R.

Cole R
Re: Rheostat / Potentiometer for a Whole House Fan?

Thanks for the info, very helpful, i liked the comment about "blue and orange". off i go to buy stuff now !!!!

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