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rewiring old light fixture

I am trying to put a new light socket in an old fixture. It took forever to find a socket that would fit on the old fixture and now I find the wires attached to the socket are too big to fit through the arm of the old brass wall sconce fixture. One wire will fit through but two will not. Is there a tool that could auger out the hole in the curved fixture to make it bigger to fit the two wires? or Should I cut the wires off and splice smaller wires on? :confused: I am at a loss as to what to do...HELP

Re: rewiring old light fixture

No don't splice the old wire to the new. Perhaps you could find a wire that has a thinner covering that would fit.

Since it is a sconce with a cord maybe you could re-route the cord completely. adding a little length of tubing between the fixture and the socket and drilling into the side of it to place the wires through it. look for a grommet to cover the edges before you push the wire through.

Re: rewiring old light fixture

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, I don't know how to take apart the socket to rewire it with thinner wire...and the sconce doesn't have a cord...wish I could send a picture...but the socket fits into a little brass bell which attaches to a brass curved ornate arm which then attaches to the wall plate. The arm has a hole at either end that the wires are supposed to go through but it is not large enough to fit both wires through it.

Re: rewiring old light fixture

Just a sugestion , but take the socket to your local hardware or big box store, they should be able to tell you how to open it and replace the wires and what wires to use.
What was wrong with the old socket?

Re: rewiring old light fixture

Thanks Jack,
It was an old, rusty and broken socket...I will take it to the store and ask...thanks,

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