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Rewiring Knob and Tube

Can anyone tell me what is the best way to replace knob and tube wiring if no walls are coming down? We have some pretty scary wiring!

Re: Rewiring Knob and Tube

call an licensed electrician and get your house rewired, from there call a drywaller to fix all the holes. they'll have to fish wires all over the house. its the only way it can be done

Re: Rewiring Knob and Tube

Can you tell us a little more about the type of construction of your home? A one story house is a lot easier to wire than a 2 story on slab for example. Foundation type? Walls? number of floors? Age of the house?

Were you fixin' to do this work yourself or hire a pro? Is doing it yourself allowed in your fair city? Does your homeowners insurance allow for this?

Your best plan is to ignore or cut away all the old wiring and install new. The new wires will not fit through the old holes anyway.

Re: Rewiring Knob and Tube

precisely, knob and tube is illegal now its proven to create electrical fires. memory serves correct there have been roughly 3 newer types of wire brought into use since it was introduced

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