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Rewiring 2nd Floor

I'm going to embark on a wiring adventure in the next week or so and wanted to get opinions/confirmation on my approach.

The house I'm moving into has ungrounded outlets on the 2nd floor and I'm looking to replace/eliminate them and add additional outlets to each of the 3 bedrooms.

I plan to pull wire from the basement to the attic (I realize this will be its own challenge). I think I'll go with two 15amp breakers and wire each one to its own junction box in the attic - 1 for the larger bedroom and the other for the remaining 2.

From that point I'm wondering if it's better to:
1) do one drop into each room, remove the baseboard, cut the dry wall, and wire to each of the other drops around the room that way.
2) do drops to each outlet in a room by drilling through the top plate individually for each receptacle.

I hope that makes sense. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

Re: Rewiring 2nd Floor

Take option 2.

Things to remember and to follow:

- a wire has to have support (attached to a stud) 12" above the reciplicle box, 4'-1/2" after that and 12" below the top plate. In the attic attach the wires to the joists.

- every room should have recipticles from both circuits. The reason: if you have a blown circuit, you won't have a situation that one room is dark.

Re: Rewiring 2nd Floor

Thanks for the advice.

I didn't realize, but you still have to staple (support) the wire every 4' when you're renovating? So that means cutting the drywall at least every 4' to staple in the wall?

Good call on the 2nd point. I tend to think of 1 room = 1 circuit as a cleaner solution, but splitting between the two is definitely more practical.

Re: Rewiring 2nd Floor

The requirement to staple within 8" of a box and every 4 1/2' only applies to new work. If the wire is fished it does not apply.

Also, why not run 12-2 w/g so 20A will be available not just 15A, since the labor will be the same?

If there are receptacles on each side of a wall I always wire them on the same circuit to save labor.

Good Luck from Columbiana, Alabama
Maurice Turgeon,http://thesemi-retiredelectrician.com

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