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Rewiring 1900's house

My wife and I are considering buying an old farm house that was built in 1900. It isn't in particularly good condition on the inside and I suspect from the pictures it has mostly original wiring or some horrid hybrid of original and modern wiring.

I am pretty good at electrical work myself, but I don't know that I want to take on an entire house with two young children with as much other work as it needs. Does anyone know what an approximate price range would be to completely redo the wiring of the house (I assume it is a 200amp service if that matters). The house is approximately 3200 square feet and I assume balloon framed.

Re: Rewiring 1900's house

As Ernie says it will be regional like anything else.

But I'd hazard a guess at between four and six dollars per square foot plus a couple grand for the service panel. I'm not an electrician, but I'm guessing if you wanted a really accurate quote you'd have called one. So this is just a spitball figure.

Re: Rewiring 1900's house

If it helps the house is in central/western Maryland. With the extent of the work that the house probably needs I may end up with a 203(k) loan for rehab work, so before putting a contract in I'll need all the rough quotes lined up, so I'll be calling electricians, plumbers, etc once I can get a look at the home and determine the plumbing and wiring situation in it (helpful that there is a cieling panel already down in the kitchen with exposed wiring).

It looks like the house has been renovated/retrofitted over the years, but the last one might have been 50 years ago (it looks mildly like old 2 wire PVC wiring, but I can't tell from the pictures). Almost certainly not romex.

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