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Re: Reviews on sandless floor refinishing?

I would love to speak to the "former Mr. Sandless franchise operator" I'd love to know how you do it.

Re: Reviews on sandless floor refinishing?

If the flooring has deteriorated with discoloration and graying of the original finish, no mere clear coat is going to bring it back.

It sounds like this firm is using a floor coating with color in the material. This might somewhat mask discoloration, but not produce a like new appearance.

If the floor is still in good shape, it can be given a refresher coat of urethane without sanding to bare wood. Of course, the floor should be thoroughly cleaned first and then "screened" or sanded to promote adhesion. If in doubt as to the nature of the original finish, the floor can be given a quick coat of universal sealer, which is merely de-waxed shellac. Universal sealer will stick to almost anything, any almost anything will stick to it.

I would read the instructions carefully from these maintenance coat products. The use of many of these will permanently prevent you from re-coating with urethane without first sanding the floor to bare wood.

Personally, I would put on a maintenance coat of urethane before my floors started showing wear. If you know that urethane was used on the floor, it is relatively simple to screen the floor and re-coat.

Do be careful of what might have been used to clean the floors in the past. Many products leave residues which will hinder new urethane from bonding.

Re: Reviews on sandless floor refinishing?

I can not begin to say how bad this experience was. It was a waste of $1000.00! If you even try to sweep after they apply that finish, you will have lines & scratches everywhere. We opened our Christmas gifts on the floor and to our dismay, every box we pushed over to someone "made a scratch''! PLEASE don't waste your money. Save your dollars then get your floors refinished.

Re: Reviews on sandless floor refinishing?

In response to the so-called Chairman of the Board, he is not sharing with you that a division of his company, mr. sandless, is "sanding floors". Save your money and hire a reputable company.

victoria stiles
Re: Reviews on sandless floor refinishing?

sandless refinishing service make your hardwood floors look like new. Marble and stone floors often get worn after use.

Timothy Miller
Re: Reviews on sandless floor refinishing?

Howdy congratulations on owing an old home. Check out Handyman mag last years issued have a great wood floor restoration article that darn near anyone can doe. -i do not remember which month.


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