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Reversed hot and cold

We recently moved into a new house to find that the hot and cold water in one of the bathrooms is reversed in the sink (not such a big deal) and the toilet (it fills with steaming hot water). Does anyone know how to fix this and how complicated it would be. We are hoping to correct it ourselves.


A. Spruce
Re: Reversed hot and cold

It sounds like someone swapped the cold and hot supply pipes at or near the bathroom. How difficult it will be to rectify this situation will depend on how accessible the plumbing is. If you're relatively handy and familiar with sweat soldering, you should have little trouble doing the repair yourself. If you can't, then I would recommend hiring a professional to do it for you.

Re: Reversed hot and cold

Depending on the type of piping you have this can be an easy cheap fix or an easy more expensive fix. The sink is easy, just switch your supply lines to the opposite side of the faucet. The commode must tee off a hot line, then to the shut off to the toilet. You will have to cap off the branch and then attach to the nearest cold line. If you have cpvc, cheap and easy. Cut, glue and go. If you have copper, try sharkbite fittings instead of sweating, unless you are really comfortable with soldering. The sharkbite cost a bit more, comparable to compression fittings but 100 times better.

Re: Reversed hot and cold

You didn't mention shower or bath tube, so I would guess A.Spruse's assessment to be true to at least part of the bathroom. It will require tracing the pipes and finding a logical place to switch them. If the tub or shower is correct you don't want to switch the entire room.

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