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Retrofit Gable End Roof Overhang

I have purchased a house with little to no roof over hangs on many gable ends facing west. Aesthetically, I think overhangs could positively affect curb appeal. The house was built in 1950. What would be the best way to add overhangs? Can a simple ladder be added to the face, and how much of the existing roof would need to be redone?

Here is a link to images.


A. Spruce
Re: Retrofit Gable End Roof Overhang

I don't like ladders because I don't think they are as structurally sound as using outriggers. An outrigger is usually 2x4 laid flat and notched into the top cord of the gable wall and runs from the side of the first inboard rafter out to the barge rafter/fascia. When you're finished, the top plane of the rafters is maintained from end to end of the outrigger, in other words, flat so you can lay your decking over and then install the roofing. Space the outriggers 4' to 6' apart, depending on width of overhang and length of run.

As for how much roof will need to be disturbed, that will depend on the type of roof you have and how you go about installing the outriggers, plan on opening the roof at least to the first inboard rafter. Use care not to damage the roofing felt, as you'll need it later to tie into when you install new roofing out and over the overhang.

Re: Retrofit Gable End Roof Overhang

I'm with Spruce, ladders have a tendency to sag overtime. If it were me I would plan on a new roof on the sides where the outriggers are installed so you can make sure the entire roof decking is flat and doesn't look like and add on.


Re: Retrofit Gable End Roof Overhang

If you can't do 'king' rafters and outriggers like Spruce says, you might add a couple 2X boards there secured with timber screws, but even that may sag some in time. Were it me and I wanted to stay there awhile I'd wait till the next re-roof and do it properly then. I've never had great luck getting new shingles to match old so it would look like patch-work till then anyway potentially cancelling any added value.


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