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Retro-route wastewater from sump to septic tank

I just bought a 1949 house.  The sellers claimed the wastewater disposal was a septic tank, but it turns out that the washer, a shower, and a sink all in the basement send wastewater into the sump pit.  I can't see where the output pipe goes because it's below the surface outside.  Naturally, I'm reluctant to address it for fear of opening a can of worms since once I do, I'm pretty much stuck with fixing it.  The county has no records of the septic tank diagram or permits (not unusual for a house this age in this county). 


Has anyone ever tried to re-route the sump to a septic system?  Does anyone have any ideas at all about how I might approach this?  Right now I haven't even brought it up with the sellers, because I will surely go after them for the repair money if it comes to that. 


Thanks much for any help or ideas!

Re: Retro-route wastewater from sump to septic tank

If you can open the septic lid and run the shower and washer then you could hear the water going inside or not and know the truth.

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