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Restoring Painted Woodwork

We have recently purchased a 150 year old Victorian style home.
Previous owners painted over the woodwork in one of the rooms.
I am in the process of stripping the paint from the woodwork.
Much of the woodwork is very detailed and it has been a slow process removing the paint in those areas. I have been using a set of small, fine metal files, of various sizes, to remove paint in those areas.
Are there any smaller scrapers available to work on those detailed areas or any suggestions about this project?

Re: Restoring Painted Woodwork

Congrats on your dedication. I use dental pics for very fine detail. Can you post some pictures of your work? I'd love to see the process!

Marty Anderson
Re: Restoring Painted Woodwork

Hi Newport Joe, try one of your local woodworker's stores like Klingspor,or try on line. There are lots of sets of small tools for your job (if you don't mind paying).

Re: Restoring Painted Woodwork

You might also consider such things as old stiff tooth brushes. These are useful in getting crude out of grooves etc. without risking gouging the soft wood. There are also dedicated stripping brushes on the market for this purpose. Home Depot sells a set of small toothbrush like brushes with plastic, brass and steel bristles. Plastic and brass would be much easier on your wood.

Re: Restoring Painted Woodwork

I had some moldings I was unable to strip and I was worried they were full of lead paint (turned out they were). So I carefully removed them, numbered them, and then brought them to a stripper to have them dipped. I had to pull all of the nails out through the back, but when I got them back they were beautiful. A few coats of shellac and up they went. If you're able to remove the moldings this might be a good way to go. The strippers the dipping places use are much stronger than anything you can buy in the store.

Good Luck!

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