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restore plaster walls

I need to restore plaster walls and a ceiling, of varying ages, in the same room.  There does not seem to be any structural concerns with the plaster; no sagging or large areas broken or missing.  What I need to accomplishing is filling lots of small cracks and holes throughout the room.

I’ve spoken with one professional who recommended using an exterior finish stucco type compound. He had used that type product for the same purpose I have. I checked out the results and had one major concern, which he also had; the texture of the finished walls as very rough and tough to keep free of dust/to clean.  He explained the product is available in a finer grit so to speak, but the home owner decided on the heavier texture.  

I’m hesitant to skim coat the surfaces with joint compound or a similar product because I feel I’ll lose the plaster’s texture characteristics.

Can anyone offer some advice regarding a good product option for a DIYer?

Thanks for any help.

Re: restore plaster walls

 Keep the plaster as long as it is sound and it appears that you don't a problem.

As a former plasterer for 40 years i would use a very high end type veneer plaster to refinish walls & ceil. If the cracks are larger than 1/16 inch i would use a fine mesh tape these tapes come in width from 2 inch to 12 inch. I

f the crack is in a straight line than the 2 inch is ok for crooked cracks i go for the wider less time and cutting to cover them plus it works better. As for material if these wall & ceil are  true plaster i would use only a plaster based material for repairs ( NO JOINT COUMPOUND OR SHEET ROCK MUD ) as for the Exterior type finish that material is nothing other than an Acrtlic paint with sand added. If either of the above are used in my opinion it will fail. Reason for failure is moisture plaster can and will hole a large amount of moisture when it returns to the surface most coatings will FAIL. I used a product called Master of Plaster This is the very best repair plaster that i am aware of very user friendly plus you can store and keep any unused material there is no self life. There are many others on the market and i have tried most of them this one was by far the best.

I f you go to the Master of Plaster web site most of the photos are projects that i complete before retirement. If you need a sample call tell Lauren i told you to call she will help with any thing you need. 




Re: restore plaster walls

Thanks very much Clarence, I will check out that product for sure.

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