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Restaining Porch Decking

A few years ago, I used a solid stain on my back porch deck. The decking is 5/4 pressure-treated pine. I want to restain but wanted to use a semi-transparent stain. What prep work is necessary so that, unlike the solid stain, the semi-transparent stain will last as long as possible.


Re: Restaining Porch Decking


Solid hide stains will out perform a semi-transparent stain. If ease of maintenance is your goal, stick with the solid hide.

Further, you are looking at a lot of work to clean the deck well enough to look good with a tranparent stain on it. Any of the residual solid stain will be clearly visible. You will never get it completely out! If you do go that route, at least stay in the same color tone.

At to stripping the old deck, your choices are either chemicals or sanding. Sanding will not get the old stain on the edges of the boards. Chemicals will get down in those areas, but it is a lot messier than sanding. Decking strippers dissolve the stain and then it is power washer away, which can make a mess of the area surrounding the deck. It then must be neutralized with a acid based brightener.

As I said, solid hide stain is a LOT easier!

Re: Restaining Porch Decking

What Ord said,

Or replace the decking to get the look you want.

Re: Restaining Porch Decking

It seems tome that you want to apply a fresh stain over the old stain? I don't think it might work for I haven't tried it personally.

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