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Replanting a Fig Tree

I live in a 50+ year old home in the Baltimore, Maryland area and I inherited a wonderful fig tree from the former owners. We have pruned it and cared for it and it is producing abundant and tasty fruit. It is currently about 12-15 feet tall.

The problem is that we are considering an addition to the house in the next year or two and the fig tree is right in the way.

I was wondering if now would be a good time to replant some or all of it to another location in my yard. It is somewhat spread out and it appears the there are at least two large offshoots from the main trunk which could possibly be seperated and replanted. I thought I could try two different locations to see which one does best.

I would hate to lose it, especially since I just learned how to make an amazing strawberry-fig jam. So any knowledgable advice would be appreciated.

A. Spruce
Re: Replanting a Fig Tree

Moving a tree of that size is going to be difficult without the help of machinery and/or a tree service who specializes in tree moving. The root ball will be large and deep. If you don't get the tap root with the ball, it's all over for the tree. Don't try to separate the trees because disturbance of the roots like that is also certain death.

I would recommend that you dig up a start if you've got one popping up under the tree somewhere and replant that to a new location or get a new fig tree and plant it now.

Re: Replanting a Fig Tree

You might hedge your bet & try to take a few cuttings next summer in case the transplanting doesn't work. Check your pm

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