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Replacing worn-out concrete expansion joints

I have a large curved elevated concrete deck built in the early 60s. The concrete is in very good condition, but several of the 1.5" wooden expansion joints have rotted and need replacement - see the picture.
I've searched for products for replacing expansion joints on the web, but most of them seem to be designed for repairing highways.
Any suggestions will be welcome.

Re: Replacing worn-out concrete expansion joints


There are step by step directions with pictures on hgtv.com under the Help Around the House projects, "Rotting Expansion Joints" is the project title. If you do not want to replace with wood you can use closed cell backer rod topped with a self leveling sealant. Check out bestmaterials.com/Backer_Rod.aspx for more details on that method. I am doing the same thing around my house so the info is fresh in my mind. Good luck. :cool:

Re: Replacing worn-out concrete expansion joints

I agree with livesinjammies on the backing rod with sealant. You can get it in buckets. Just put in the backer to control the amount of sealant you use. I'd recommend that you use a good masking tape on both sides of the joint, on the concrete. It will keep the job less messy and make a nice uniform line. Otherwise it'll get pretty sloppy and you'll regret it later.

Put the backer in, mask off the edges, fill the joint, then peel off the tape. Peel the tape off before the filler sets up or you'll have another problem to contend with.

Good Luck.

Re: Replacing worn-out concrete expansion joints

There's a company from Houston, Texas that has invented a product for that purpose. It's called Slab Gasket, and has a rubbery vinyl that fits that purpose quite nicely. It also lasts really long and protects the cement.

More information can be found at http://www.merchantcircle.com/business/Slab.Gasket.832-367-8921

Hope that helps...

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Re: Replacing worn-out concrete expansion joints

There is an easy, long-lasting way to fix concrete exansion joints. It's called Concrete Welder and it comes in a cartridge that you use with a cartridge gun. It's like a two-chambered caulking gun and is simple to use.You sweep out the joints and make sure there is no loose debris. Then you squeeze some material into the crack. If you flood it beyond the crack, just use a straight-edge to smooth it down. Roklin Systems Inc. sells the product ******.

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