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Replacing windows and need to match siding

Hi everyone,

I would like to replace 2 oversized windows in my kitchen so I can put counters in front of them. The problem is that replacing them with shorter windows would leave about 8 inches of the exterior of the house with no siding. The house was built in 1953 and is covered with verical cedar siding with a vertical grooving pattern. I have not seen the siding anywhere else. If I try to patch the exterior it would look awful. What can I do?

Re: Replacing windows and need to match siding

If you absolutely have to replace the windows and you want the exterior to look perfect you will need to do something.

I'd re-do the siding on the side of the kitchen, the whole thing, if I couldn't find matching cedar to match. After all, if the cedar siding you have now is 1953 model, it's probably outdated.

Another option is to cover it with outdoor molding. You could position the new smaller windows in such a way that you will have only 4" on each side.

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Re: Replacing windows and need to match siding

can you post a pic of the exterior where the windows are. like dj said, 1953 will be tough to match. if you post a pic, maybe we can give you some other ideas.

Re: Replacing windows and need to match siding

I want to raise the window, so positioning smaller windows centered in the opening really won't help.

If I have to replace the siding around the windows, that would mean basically residing the house as the windows are on two walls, one of which is the entire length of the house. The siding is still in good shap, so I don't wnat to have to replace it just so I can remodel the kitchen.

I am trying to post a picture of the windows and siding but the site is not accepting a jpg file.

Thanks so far

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Re: Replacing windows and need to match siding

upload your photo to photobucket or a similar site and post the address here.

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Re: Replacing windows and need to match siding

If all you change is the height of the window, then you could easily trim and fill in underneath it with new siding, basically, extend your side window trim legs to the ground, then run lap siding in between the trim legs.

If you change your width, you could still do the same thing, just salvage the siding under the window to fill in along the sides, then run the trim down and side in between.

Another option would be to find a custom millwork shop and have what you need made, it's an expensive way to go, but it would preserve the look of the house nicely.

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