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Replacing Triple Switch Single Gang

I have been slowly replacing switches in an old colonial. This section of the house was built (addition) right after WW2. The outlets are two prong (another matter altogether) and the wiring is cloth wrapped.

I've been replacing and keeping the existing wiring configurations, however I popped out the switch and see quite a mess. The replacement three switch I purchased doesn't have enough screws to attach the incoming wires.

Since the picture size limits on here are kinda ridiculous, I've linked to pictures I took of the existing switch as is. I can also upload pictures of the new switch if that will help.

- Pic 1: http://www.carringtonfisk.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/DSC08527.jpg
- Pic 2: http://www.carringtonfisk.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/DSC08526.jpg

I'm hoping for some insight as I've only just recently graduated from NOOB status.

Re: Replacing Triple Switch Single Gang

You can pig tail 2 or 3 wires together if there is no more space at the switch.

Re: Replacing Triple Switch Single Gang

According to the photos looks to me there is a mix of old and newer wiring in that box -- which means there has been some additions or repairs done to the circuits.

The top switch I'll bet is a 3 way with the middle and bottom switches being single pole. In which case the replacement switch you purchased is only three single pole switches and won't fit the bill here.

The other thing to consider --- are there more than one circuits feeding the existing switches ? This also might explain the many conductors.

If you want to just replace the switches with new ones then Pass & Seymour maufacter a replacement type called Despard

Otherwise, if want to completely change the style to more common types then you will have some additional work adding a double gang box to accomodate single pole and 3 way switches.
Unfortunately you have to find out were all those wires go and come from to determine what is what.

Re: Replacing Triple Switch Single Gang

DJ1 - any way to ascertain which could be combined?

Re: Replacing Triple Switch Single Gang

Yes, but that requires analyzing the switches, identifying the wires and deciding what you want to achieve.

Frankly, after reading your other posting and evaluating your situation, I really think you should consider calling a pro. Electrical work done wrong is like playing with fire.

Re: Replacing Triple Switch Single Gang

It might look ugly, but you could get a two-gang surface mount box (i.e., Wiremold) and put in a duplex single-pole switch and a single three-way switch (or some similar configuration).

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