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Replacing Torn Out Insulation from Mold in Attic

We live in a house built in 1974 that had insufficient ventilation in the attic which caused humidity. Mildew started to grow and spread to the insulation towards the outside of the roof. I ripped out the insulation along the edges and had the mildew removed / fixed the attic to increase ventilation. I now have a 9" gap of insulation along the outside edge of the attic where I tore out the moldy pieces. I believe I am losing heat in this area and also causing snow melt to back flow into the house. I want to replace the insulation, but I don't know if I can just cut out 6" wide pieces of insulation and lay them into the gap? I'm concerned that if I don't lay it flush to the attic floor (the pieces I tore out are uneven) that I could inhibit airflow in those areas and get mold growth. Is that a concern or should I just lay in the cut out insulation?


Re: Replacing Torn Out Insulation from Mold in Attic

1. Deal with your leak. You said that snow water drips into the attic. Solve this before you do anything else.

2. After you are 100% sure no water enters the attic, add insulation in the spots where you removed some insulation. Don't worry about the perfect fit.

3. If your insulation is less than 6" deep, it will be a good idea to add more insulation: lay new insulation perpendicularly to the existing insulation.

Re: Replacing Torn Out Insulation from Mold in Attic

If you have fixed the ventilation issues, then just lay in the new insulation. To really insure against any future mold or fungus, spray the entire area with a sodium borate solution such as Timbor or Boracare before you lay down the new insulation.

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