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Replacing TCV.....a can of worms????

I would love to replace all 7 TRV in a 85 yr old double brick no insulation house (water 2 pipe, 1 zone system). The old valves are either seized shut or start leaking if you get them to move. The 2nd floor, south facing room gets to 85F in the sun while the rest of the house maintains thermostat temperature.

Now, looking at these old valves I have no confidence in 50% of the piping holding as you get some brute wrenching force, in fact it looks like i may be able to poke my finger through one pipe.

Has anyone had stories about tearing through floors and ceilings as you end up replacing half the iron pipes in your house. Or is there some magical way to replace these things without this happening???? This may not be worth the energy savings. :-(

Re: Replacing TCV.....a can of worms????

Most of these valves come in 2 parts---the upper section is all that need be replaced if this is the case.

Try running the valve model # and make thru the search boxes of the sites below.



Re: Replacing TCV.....a can of worms????

I think my plumber ( who I trust a great deal) may have lead me in the wrong direction here. He suggested the only thing they do is replace the entire valve (and only a handle valve at that) thus requiring the labour intensive process.

After scouting around I found some definite options by just taking off the top and intalling a new valve....however a cross reference is not working as the valves are 85 yrs old and the name does not show up....I'm in Toronto so who knows maybe some defunct Canadian company. Maybe I'll take apart just one and see if a retro valve can be accomodated in the old one...

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