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Replacing sweated faucet connected to pex

I have a garden faucet that I need to replace, but it is sweated to the copper pipe which is attached to pex. How do you go about do this without melting the pex? This pex is about 10 years old and has some type of clamp rings for the connections.

Re: Replacing sweated faucet connected to pex

Are you sure you're not talking about a frost free faucet like the one pictured below. If it is a frost free, which is what is usually used for out side installations, you replace the whole unit not just the end.

Re: Replacing sweated faucet connected to pex

If your garden faucet assembly is not a Frost free type(as pictured in previous reply), then what you have is copper pipe attached to plastic pipe using a copper to pex adapter
Simple installation:
cut the plastic pipe with a hacksaw, discard old faucet along with copper tubing and pex adapter,
rent or borrow a pex wrench to clamp pex rings
insert a pex union into the cut end of plastic pipe,
use 2 pex rings to join a piece of plastic pipe the same
length of discarded copper pipe
install your new faucet (FROST FREE IS RECOMMENDED)
with a 3/4 female threaded pex adapter
Or don`t keep it simple!
cut plastic pipe before adapter
unsolder the pex-sweat adapter from the copper pipe,
remove old faucet
install your new faucet by attaching it to a 3/4 inch threaded female copper adapter which you will solder or sweat to a length of copper pipe (be careful- in order to protect the faucet components, be sure to solder the adapter onto the copper BEFORE you thread on the New faucet)
and finally (whew!) you will use a pex wrench to
clamp a new pex-copper adapter to re-join the copper pipe to
the plastic pex pipe

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