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Replacing square recessed lights

I have three square recessed lights in my breezeway that I would like to replace with round ones if possible. The breezeway ceiling is tongue and groove boards and I do not hve access to the area above the holes.The sizes of the hole for two of the lights is 10" by 10" and the other is 11" x 11". How do I go about patching these holes to put in round recessed lights? I do not want to replace them with new square recessed lights since inside my house I have all round recessed lights. Sorry if this is the wrong forum, but I felt it was more appropriate in the electrical forum.

Re: Replacing square recessed lights

Have you found new fixtures yet? I doubt you will find new ones that will fit into a rounded off holes.

An alternative would be to make a piece of plywood or such that covers the large square hole and reduces it to the new size.

Re: Replacing square recessed lights

I found new square ones that will fit, but the biggest round ones that I can find are 8". How would I attach the plywood once it is in the hole? I also want the new light to sit flush with the existing ceiling. would I attach some pieces of 2x4 above and then screw into that? Then cut out a hole in the plywood to fit the round can? Thanks again.

Re: Replacing square recessed lights

Not sure about the style of your home but another choice would be to install a ceiling medallion


Re: Replacing square recessed lights

My suggestion is to install tounge-and-groove boards of the same size & style perpendicular to and just below the existing boards, and place some kind of trim around it. Kind of like a 12" square medallion; it would project about 3/4" from the ceiling and the round can light would be centered in it. It could be painted or stained to match the existing ceiling.

By placing it perpendicular (90 degrees) to the existing, I think it would look better and be a whole lot easier to do than trying to match & patch the existing stuff exactly.

Your square lights probably have a depth above the ceiling of about 3-1/2 inches. The round recessed lights probably have a depth of 10 or 12 inches. Make sure you have enough vertical clearance, and if there is or ever will be insulation in the ceiling, that you use an IC-rated fixture.

(Man, this would be easier if I had the skill to draw a picture.)

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