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Re: Replacing posts under beams

I appreciate everyone's concern about the footing. But this house has stood since 1972 (40 years) and there has been no sagging or any hints of a footer problem. All I am really doing is replacing the wood post with a metal one. The stack of 2x4's that is under the existing wood post is there (I believe) 1. to provide a form for the interior slab and 2. provide a means to secure the base of the post. The stack of 2x4's is bolted to the foundation and provides a place to nail the base of the post into.

The stack of 2x4's (at best) helps spread out the load a little bit from the point located directly under the post. And as that stack in loaded in compression (mostly right under the post) I don't believe there is much load re-distribution happening there at all.

The existing post is 4x4 that is 7 feet tall. How much load could that thing really bear when compared to a concrete footer which assumedly was inspected in 1972 and probably has rebar in it (I have found 3/4" rebar in other portions of the foundation perimeter). There is no way to really know what is in there without breaking it all up and looking...and that ain't gonna happen.

What I am really looking for here is someone that has experience bolting metal columns into place in concrete that can give me some sort of assurance that this practice of encasing the bottom of the post in concrete is OK.

Re: Replacing posts under beams


In my city, modifying, replacing or adding something structual, requires bringing everything there to code. Today's code. It could be different in your town, but I doubt it.

If nothing happened to the building in 40 years, consider yourself lucky. But really, don't you want the new posts to meet the code?

Re: Replacing posts under beams

Walt, I can tell you that the posts in my house & garage are sitting on the footer and the slab that is poured around them (3"-4") is keeping the bottom from kicking out.

edit to add: should have been more specific, there is a small square steel flange welded to the bottom of the post and that flange is what is sitting on the 2 x 2 x 2 footer.

Re: Replacing posts under beams

We called the county and they said it is up to the inspector whether the new post detail has to be added to the approved drawing package.

The new metal post will deflect less and have more margin on it's yield strength. In every way, the metal post is a better solution except that it costs more.

The Deck House drawing only shows the foundation wall that the post sits on. It does not show the footer that sits below the foundation wall.


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