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Replacing porch roof supports

On our front porch of our house, the supports holding the roof up are beginning to rot out at the bottom. I would like to replace them son, but have no idea where to start. I have the materials at least.

Do I begin by jacking up/supporting the roof over the porch I am guessing?
D the supports generally attach to the roof in some way, or are they held there by the weight, or "force" of the roof?

Any pointers/tips before I get started would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Re: Replacing porch roof supports

You start by preparing the replacement columns, and put them aside.

Install temporary roof supports, a tad longer than the original columns, by jacking the roof just enough so they fit in.

Remove the old columns and install the new ones in place.

Remove the supports in reverse order.

Re: Replacing porch roof supports

If you can, it might help if you can take a picture of where the post meets the porch roof and post it on a site like photobucket.com. Then post a link to the picture here. dj gave you a good answer, but with a picture, we can give you more detailed suggestions.

Re: Replacing porch roof supports

Ditto on the methods mentioned. If the original hasn't settled it will give you the length measurement you need. Multiple columns need to all bear their part of the load; none should be so loose that they can be moved. I always attach them (at least minimally) top and bottom- you never know who is going to do what in the future and this can prevent shifting should someone pull or push on one. On the bottom use at least urethane adhesive, brackets are better. If the roof over the columns is large enough to catch wind and uplift in a heavy storm, tie them in well top and bottom. I've known more than one collapse to be caused by this when the columns fell out as the wind lifted large lightweight roofs off of them.


Re: Replacing porch roof supports

When installing temporary columns, be sure the base is adequate for the load. I have seen temp columns crush right through the flooring. :eek:

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