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Replacing popup stopper with a glued PVC Ptrap?

Hi folks!
I just replaced my bathroom sink faucet, and things were going well. I removed the old popup apparatus from where it joins the P trap. But I discovered that my P trap is PVC and glued together. As a result, I don't have enough space between the underside of the sink and the top of the trap to slip the new popup apparatus in. What's the best solution? Saw out this glued P trap and replace it with a removeable one?

Thanks for any help you can give!

Re: Replacing popup stopper with a glued PVC Ptrap?

I don't know why you don't have space there - all you're doing is replacing popups. But if the old popup was working fine, you may be able to keep it for the new faucet. You may need to replace the rod only. Pay extra attention when attaching the linkage to the popup. Check for leaks.

Don't rush to cut off a working P trap.

Re: Replacing popup stopper with a glued PVC Ptrap?

The space thing is an issue because the new popup apparatus is a single plastic assembly (tailpiece, and the rear facing segment and all that), so I can't pass it through the sink from above. And when I try to slip it into the P trap from below the sink, that's where I can't get enough clearance. I don't know if I'm making sense?
We have to replace the popup since it's a completely different finish on the new faucet (of course). I don't want to saw off this glued trap, which is totally functional, but aside from detaching the sink from the vanity, I can't see another way. Argh.

Re: Replacing popup stopper with a glued PVC Ptrap?

there's two ways to do this. one is to cut out the trap and install a new universal trap. it's screwed together and can be removed easily if you have a clog or another issue.

to replace the tailpiece without cutting away the trap you can put in a whole new tailpipe. the little metal ring (drain flange), inside the sink, that the stopper sits in will unscrew from the tailpipe. on the bottom side of the sink there should be a nut that holds the drain flange in the sink tight to the sink. loosen the nut on the bottom as far as you can. that will give you about 2" of space to raise the tailpipe up so that you can get it out of the trap, then unscrew the metal ring that the stopper sits in and you should be able to pull the tailpipe down without hitting the trap.

this video shows you how to do it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WHIyHlnj9Vw

Re: Replacing popup stopper with a glued PVC Ptrap?

I think you're mixing terms here.

1. drain piece, with screwed on flange.
2. stopper, which goes into the drain piece in the sink.
3. rod.
4. strap.
5. crank with a ball, washer and nut.

Using the correct terms, can you rephrase your question?

Re: Replacing popup stopper with a glued PVC Ptrap?

Replace the trap with one that has slip nuts. You will be far better off down the road when you have to some day clean the drain.


Re: Replacing popup stopper with a glued PVC Ptrap?

Cut off the trap at the horizontal pipe and glue on a trap adapter (sized from the drain pipe diameter to the sink drain diameter) The use one of them packaged drain kits that screws together. Check out Home Depot sku number 708097

Re: Replacing popup stopper with a glued PVC Ptrap?

Thanks guys, yes! I was definitely mixing up terms--I freely admit. The deal was that the popup assembly--the drain piece, the backward facing little piece where the ball, washer and nut connect, and the tail piece are all one single piece of plastic. This meant that I could not disconnect the drain piece from the tail piece, and with the connection for the ball/washer sticking out the side, I could not push the whole assembly up through the sink to install (or later, to remove). And with a glued P trap, I couldn't take the trap off to install the popup assembly from below. I suspect I'm still not explaining it well!
Anyway, I read through all the advice, which was a big help. I sawed out the old P trap and put in a hybrid solution--P trap with union joint so if I ever have to do this again, I can get the trap out to replace the popup. But hopefully, it will never happen again!

Now I'm leak free with a fine new faucet. TOH is the best! I'll be back here for help in the future, no doubt.

Re: Replacing popup stopper with a glued PVC Ptrap?

OK, I'm glad it worked out by replacing the P trap.

But back to the new drain assembly: it comes assembled, so to install it, you have to separate the flange from the tailpipe, insert the tailpipe with the nut and rubber washer from under the sink and screw the flange back on in the sink (with a bead of putty in it). Tighten the nut under the sink, making sure it sits in the correct position.

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