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Replacing plaster wall

Hello. I am new to this group, i hope you all can help us!

We started tearing off the paneling in a section of our home, and are finding it to be quite a project. The plaster crumbled out as we tore out the paneling and we now have the lath wall left.
What our poblem is, is we cant find the studs, the horizontal lath is nailed to vertical running lath which is nailed to what looks like 1 x 8 inch boards running horizontal.

DO you think we need to get all the way down to the bare studs or would we be safe putting the sheetrock right up over the lath or boards. I cant find anything on the internet about these boards. We have never been able to locate studs with a stud finder and now we find out why!
Anyone ever sheetrocked over lath?
I hope someone can help this is our first home, it was built in 1865.

Re: Replacing plaster wall

Sounds like the sheathing was applied to the inside of the studs, and then (maybe a good while later) plastered. Same as my 1850's house. If you wanted to, you could tear off the lath, add new spacers 16" on center to bring the new 1/2" drywall out to the same level as the original plasterwork, so the relative depth of window & door moldings and baseboards remained the same. If the spacers were 1/2" or more, it might be a good place to add foam insulation board.

Re: Replacing plaster wall

YES i think your right, thatnk you! We tore out the lath and the boards behind look pretty good.

they had 3 different wallpapers just on those boards. CRAZY! we found tons of old newspapers from 1930 between the wall and the stairs. (must have been when they put the stairs in)

The boards are nailed to the studs with very large square nails. We got some spacers, and thank you we never thought of the insulation board i think that might work!!

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