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Replacing Plaster Costs?

Recently bought a 1940s bungalow. The walls are plaster and have been painted numerous times (a paint chip revealed at least six!). We want to paint individual rooms over the next few months but there are a couple issues that concern me:

  1. You can tell the walls have been painted over and over - another coat won't help hide that fact
  2. There are some previous cracks in the plaster that were not repaired cleanly - we would have to dig these out and refill to make them less noticeable
  3. Other small defects are noticeable throughout - nail holes, painted over nails (I think!?), dings, dents, etc...

These noticeable defects would bother me, even with a fresh coat of paint. Plus, we plan on being here for a few years and want to improve the house and make improvements that will increase the resell value.

My dad recommended receiving estimates from some companies about the possibility of tearing out the plaster and putting up fresh drywall. This is something we could still complete one room at a time as our schedule allows. This would allow us to add outlets in some rooms (which is needed) and improve insulation as well. It would also give us fresh clean walls which would hopefully be a good investment.

Would anyone be able to tell me some rough estimates for the cost of a such a project? The room is only 12x12, nothing too fancy.

I'll be getting at least 3 estimates, but just wanted to check with others and see if anyone could offer any ideas. Thank you!

Re: Replacing Plaster Costs?

It's a stretch from what you're doing but I just had an old school plasterer come and replaster my dining room ceiling. My house was built 1935 in an English style. Here's a couple pictures to get an idea of what was done. His original bid was $1,400 and being a newly wed and the wife not making much because she just moved to my city, I told him we couldn't afford that and took bids from drywall people. He came back and lowered it to $760 and I agreed. Just finished this past Sunday.

I did the scraping on the ceiling to knock all loose plaster off, then he taped cracks, rolled a coat of adhesive on, skimmed a base coat, and a new finish coat. He did a great job and it has a high pitched clink to it when you tap it. The stuff is rock hard.

Hope that helps at least a little.

Re: Replacing Plaster Costs?

If you tear the plaster out then theres the dumpster rental , landfill space used up...ect. Leave the plaster fix the cracks and holes or have it resurfaced. Find an insulation company that can do foam from outside or inside without demoing the walls. A good electritian can fish a plaster wall with no problem and dont let them tell you otherwise. If they make holes thats just so its easier for them but not for you. My 2 cents

Re: Replacing Plaster Costs?

I had the same problem when I bought my 1904 victorian in Owensville, MO. I needed insulation and a total rewire of the house. We started by tearing our a ceiling of plaster and quickly realized that this was not the way to go. TONS of dust and getting all of those keys out was a pain. We rewired and drilled 2" holes in all the voids through the plaster to blow in insulation from the inside. I removed all of the lose plaster and wallpapper and thenpaidmy contractor to fix the cracks and holes. He then put a skim coat on and applied a little texture and viols: they look great. The texture hides any imperfections and a year and a half later the walls and ceilings still look great. I talked to several people before doing mine, got mulitple estimates and did the grunt work myself.:)

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