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replacing plaster ceiling with drywall

Im replacing plaster ceiling with drywall and after removing the plaster and lathe im a liytle at a loss. This is a room in the 2nd floor of a 2 floor house so the room has about2 feet between the actual roof and the ceiling of the room for "breathing space" i guess. So the plaster and lathe was previously secured to this fake ceiling structure which was basically some kind of old 2x3 about 24 inches apart amd as they are right now they are very shaky. Im not even sure how they coyld have possibly secured the weight of that old ceiling. My question is, how do i secure new drywall to this shaky ceiling? Do i have to reframe the whole ceiling? Secure 1x3s across the whole ceiling? Is this normal for a bedroom with a roof above in a 1920s house?

I guess the good part is that i can insulate the space and replace that old knob and tube!

Re: replacing plaster ceiling with drywall

yes this is quite common in homes from that era. and you can do one of two things, drive screws through the old existing strapping to resecure it but you should add more so the drywall doesnt have to span as big a distance..

or you can remove the old strapping and install totally new strapping, but be sure to check it for "true" meaning it will be flat for when the new drywall goes up..drywall doesnt like a uneven substrate. it will either finish wavey or the ceiling will be so bad that when you go to screw the sheet up the sheet will pop from the tension of being so uneven

Re: replacing plaster ceiling with drywall

I would also recommend to re-do the joists, this time 16" o.c. I'd use 2x6's for that, to be able to hold the new drywall.

Re: replacing plaster ceiling with drywall

It seems that I need to reframe this space but my concern is the weight. The existing support as I mentioned is very lightweight and about 24"oc and only supported by a ledger board nailed to the framing at either end of the room. Would this ledger board method still hold up as a way of framing this new 2x6 ceiling?

I'm use to seeing methods in which these joists would be on top of the framed walls to support the load throughout the wall. Needless to say that the walls are somewhere uneven also so here is my proposal. Do I add an additional 2x3 frame to the interior walls and support the 2x6 ceiling on top of these? Widening the walls with 2x3 will give me some extra insulation depth and a flat, even surface to attach drywayll, and also carry the load of the ceiling.

Am I on the right track with this or overkill?

Re: replacing plaster ceiling with drywall

Ledger boards are fine. The force is down and would have to shear the nails or screws in the boards.


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