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replacing planks for a tongue and groove ceiling

I have some water damage on a small section of my tongue and groove ceiling. I want to replace the planks and I am looking for advice on the best way to take a few pieces out, as they have finish nails in the joints securing them to the joist. Thanks

Re: replacing planks for a tongue and groove ceiling

Use a circular saw set to cut just slightly deeper than the thickness of the plank. Cut down through the center of the plank splitting it in half length wise. You should then be able to remove the two halves. If it is nailed through the tongue the half with the grove will slide right out the side with th tongue you will have to pry out tearing up the tongue. Remove any craps of the tongue and pull or cut off the nails. Cut the bottom (unseen) lip off the grove side of the new plank, slid the tongue into the grove of the remaining plank and lay the out side lip if the grove side on top of the existing plank. Nail in place.

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