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Replacing outdated light fixtures in bath


My bathroom's lighting is incorporated into a medicine cabinet. There are 4 sockets that are fed from a single hole in the wall behind the cabinet. Although the bulbs are behind a glass panel, they can be seen and are tacky looking. I want to dismount the cabinet and replace the lighting with a decorative fixture that supports 3 lights. I know nothing about electricity, but I think that I could do this project with the right guidance.

An advance thank you for those who can help light my way...

Re: Replacing outdated light fixtures in bath

There are many cabinets available like the one you are replacing, with a light fixture built in. Do a little shopping to see if you can find one you like that will fit into the same opening.

Most likely you can simply turn off the breaker, disconnect the feed from the existing fixture and reattach the same way. Should be a black wire, a white wire, and a ground feeding the fixture no matter how many sockets the fixture has.

Then just cover your eyes and turn the circuit breaker back on :eek:

A. Spruce
Re: Replacing outdated light fixtures in bath

Not a problem. Turn off the breaker supplying the bathroom lighting. Remove the cabinet. Repaint (now is the perfect time ), install the bathroom light fixture of your choice and the new cabinet of your choice. Done!

Pay attention to the manner in which the current light is connected to the wires in the box on the wall because you'll connect the new fixture in the same manner.

Re: Replacing outdated light fixtures in bath


We were hit by hurricane Ike and so my thanks for your response to my query comes a bit late. After being without power for 10 days, I'm just grateful to have electricity! And also, I'm thankful that I don't have to live on MRE's! I have a whole new respect for our nation's military! ha

Anyway eh, I've got my eye on a light fixture at Home Depot that I want to use to replace the current, outdated lighting. I'm not going to replace the medicine cabinet with a more updated one, as I prefer an eye pleasing fixture that will provide beauty as well as lighting to the room.

Here's hoping that the only charge that I get from doing this project will be induced by aesthetics and not electrical currents! ha-ha Just kidding, I know where the breaker box is and how to shut things down. ;)

Best rgds,

Re: Replacing outdated light fixtures in bath

Have a blast with your project.

Re: Replacing outdated light fixtures in bath

CUTE, re: Kentvw's response, "have a blast with your project!"

Hoping to keep the blast to a safe flow! :D:D

Re: Replacing outdated light fixtures in bath

When doing electrical work it is more than wise to have all breakers off so current doesn't back fed into the circuit you are working with. You can still be electrocuted don't take any chances.

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