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Replacing nonexistent tile

The bottom four rows of the tile in my shower are bad and they dont make the tile anymore. I cant afford a remodel so I will have to do it myself. I dont want to redo all the tile. Any suggestion on how to replace the tile where it will look nice.:confused:::

Re: Replacing nonexistent tile

Just to be clear,

This is a re-do. There is no way to make your shower waterproof and not have this happen again. Even if you replace the drywall with cement board, you will still have a non waterproof gap between the old tile and the new. Any sort of patch will be a bandaid at best.

If you really don't have the money to fix this properly, then cover the area with sheet plastic and start saving money until you have the cash to do it correctly, with waterproofing, so this doesn't happen again. I know the plastic will look horrible, but think of it as a motivator to get it fixed properly. Don't let the water continue to make things worse.

Spend some time over at the John Bridge Tile Your World forum. They have an extensive library for you to read about shower construction and the proper waterproofing methods. You'll be able to post pictures and ask all the questions you want, with speedy correct answers.

Re: Replacing nonexistent tile

Thanks for sharing this resource, I am experiencing similar problems, I hope I'll be able to find a solution on there.

Re: Replacing nonexistent tile

You can replace the tile and it will look nice. It won't be waterproof, it won't last very long, and will only delay a proper repair. I doubt any Pro here will give you any advice on how to patch this shower as it has already failed. Without proper re-construction, it will fail again. Please reconsider your choices.

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