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Replacing kitchen floor on old OSB underlayment

Hi, a few years ago I made an attempt to repair my parent's kitchen floor that failed. Their old vinyl tiles had been coming up off the OSB underlayment, so I ripped up all the tiles, smoothed out the gouges with some kind of patching stuff, put down some kind of liquid adhesive (I don't remember exactly what) and put down new self-adhesive vinyl tiles. I had some very incompetent help and they were walking on the OSB after the adhesive had been put down, and they placed the tiles such that many were overlapping by a millimeter or so. Three years later, most of the tiles have come up again.

Should I give the tiles another go and just do it myself? Is there some kind of extra underlayment I should put down on the OSB first? Should I try another type of flooring altogether? What about vinyl planks?

Thanks in advance!

Re: Replacing kitchen floor on old OSB underlayment


Get rid of OSB in a wet area. Kitchens, Baths and Laundry area are considered wet area. Most areas and states have banned OSB for use in wet areas. If the OSB gets moist, it will fail. It is small chips and pieces of wood held together with latex glue. What is latex? Water soluble. What is water soluble? Able to be disolved in water. You need at least one sheet of 3/4" at least 7 ply plywood. I would go with 1" plywood to get 11 ply. OSB is not strong enough to be a good quality subfloor. My house was built a long time ago, I have 7 quarter lumber, no sheet boards. That is 1 3/4" thick plank lumber. Talk about nice and solid. OSB is also not designed to have any type of adhesive put on it, they are all wet and will cause the wood chips to come apart, the latex glue to fail and then you have a nice hole, or least warping.

After you put down good quality subfooring. The rest is personal preference. It is your house. That is the side of the floor being shown. Put down the type, color, style, etc... that you like.


Handy Andy In Mt Airy NC

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