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Replacing glass in alumin. combination storm window

Is there some trick to replacing a pane of glass in an aluminum combo. storm window? There is a vinyl strip which fits into the frame and the glass fits into the vinyl. How much smaller than the opening of the frame does the glass need to be? Any help?

Re: Replacing glass in alumin. combination storm window

Ideally you want 1/16 to 1/8 inch clearance, but that alone may not help you with this. If the plastic channel is "U" shaped, wrapping the glass then the frame must come apart to install the glass. It's usually crimped together so you can't do that. Your only option then is a replacement sash and if you don't know who manufactured it you're out of luck. Some of this type are held together with screws so at least check for that- you may be in luck today. with that type don't take the whole frame apart, just one end. Wrap the new glass with the strip, lubricate it with dish soap, slide it in, then reinstall the loose end. With these you can get glass measurements from the "U" shaped strip itself once it's out.

If the glass sits in a recess and the vinyl strip snaps in to hold the glass in place you might be in luck with the above clearances provided you can get the strip out intact and reuse it. If you can't you'll need to know who made it to get a replacement strip. If they are still in business that is. Or you may find another strip which will work. In this case I like to lay the glass in a thin bead of silicone caulk being sure to instal and close it before the silicone cures so it retains it's shape when closed. In every case the glass must be cut perfectly square or the sash won't close properly.

If anyone knows of a good source for those strips I'd love to hear it. My usual is that if I can't reuse the strip I just replace the entire storm unit to save me the headaches involved.


Re: Replacing glass in alumin. combination storm window

Yes there are tricks in replacing glass. One of them is to have a professional do the job for you. Neat, fast and may cost you less at the end.

Working with glass is something better left for the pros. If you break it or get cuts from it - where is your saving?

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