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Replacing exterior exposed non weight bearing beams in entryway

Help -- Our entryway here in California has beams extending from the roof line that create a nice little bit of shade, an arbor for large fushia and climber roses as well as an nice entry statement. These are non weight bearing 5x6 x 24' and extend 18" under the roof line. The Stucco wall holding the beam ends need a lot of help as well as you can see from the photos-- well, cant seem to get the photos small enough - can anyone help with that?

We can do this job ourselves,& have already ordered the doug fir -- but would love a little help getting it right. We plan on replacing the sheet metal gutter (?)& plywood sheathing.


A. Spruce
Re: Replacing exterior exposed non weight bearing beams in entryway
A. Spruce

I've had to do a number of these.

Depending on how deep you want to dig into the issue, you can open up the roof and wall to whatever extent is necessary to replace the beam as per it's original installation.

If, however, you want to save yourself a boat load of headaches and hassles, you can cut the beam off at the wall and install support posts instead of relying on the wall for support. I would recommend leaving enough to install straps to maintain the rigidity and stability of being tied to the house. I would use a 2"+ wide strap on either side, though you could get away with just the back side where you won't see it from the door. Another option would be to install trim around the joint, which would serve the same purpose and help to hide any gaps in the cuts.

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