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replacing of existing water service

Hello everyone
I need to replace my highly corroded steel pipe water service. I am going to replace it with PEX. However in my research I found out that copper can kill off bacteria or other bugs by the water simply passing thru it. What I don't know is how much copper tubing does the water need to go thru to acheive this?
Also does anyone have any ideas on which PEX manufacturer has the best products & customer support service. Thank you very much for your help, sincerely lflowers

Re: replacing of existing water service

If you're worried about bacteria, skip wondering about how much Cu will help, and investigate installing a water treatment system, including sediment filtration, mineral processing, biological-grade filtration, and UV light to really kill everything off, soften your water, and removing trace minerals which you may not want in water used to shower/wash clothes. A treatment system is well worth the cost, a closet/room to handle a treatment system is in the plans for my next house.

Re: replacing of existing water service

You probably won't have enough copper to kill off any bacteria in a standard residential service line. I would recommend a whole house filter just as the line enters the basement. It is easy to install and costs less than $25.00 at your local big box hardware. I re-plumbed my house with PEX and really liked how easy it was to cut and fit. Just remember to check the ID of the PEX pipe vs. nominal IPS. I found that I needed to go up one size to get the same amount of water. Hope this helps.

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