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Replacing deck - broken screws

I am replacing certain boards on my deck. As I try to remove a corner post, I notice there are bolts and deck screws. The bolts are easy to remove. The heads of the deck screws break off very easily. Any suggestions as to how to get those screws out of there now? They are beneath the wood surface, so pliers and grips will not work. Besides getting a long enough blade for my reciprocating saw and hoping it will fit alongside the corner post from under the deck....any suggestions?

Re: Replacing deck - broken screws

I'd try to unscrew them all. Those that come out, fine. Those that break, fine too.

I assume that your planks are wood. Pry the planks, one at a time, with a long wrecking bar, trying to lift them pass the screw bodies. Be patient. Some screws will make the holes larger, but if you're going to use new boards, don't worry about the holes.

Once you got the planks out, cut the screws and you are ready for the next step.

Re: Replacing deck - broken screws

Any suggestions for the corner posts? I am not removing any planks around those. They have bolts and screws going in from the outside support frame.

Re: Replacing deck - broken screws

get in there with a heavy duty 12" recip blade, its about all you can do.. milwaukee blades hold up the best

Re: Replacing deck - broken screws

We went through this exact scenario and the only thing that worked for us was the reciprocating saw. It will work. Good luck.

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